Easy to use, super-light and suitable for void filling and cushioning, flow quickly and evenly during packing and save time.
8 distinct Advantages : -
  • Superb Cushioning
    Mic-Pac™ unqiue shape works like thousands of tiny supporting "spring to give your products unsurpassed protection.
  • Reduced Freight Cost
    Weighing only 4oz. per cubic foot, Mic-Pac™ is up to 10 times lighther than other conventional packaging and dunnage materials.
  • Faster Production
    By utilising the easy-to-use dispensing system, production can be speed up and hence cutting down labour cost.
  • Repeated Reuse
    Mic-Pac™ is highly resilient and retains its cushioing properties even after repeated use. This means substantial savings on material costs, plus important ecological benefits.
  • Versatility
    No need to stock cumbersome expensive custom packs. Mic-Pac™ surrounds, suspends and protects articles of every type and shape, reducing packaging material inventories and storage cost.
  • Safety
    Mic-Pac™ is odorless, dust less, non-hygroscopic and chemically inert. Present less of a fire hazard than newspaper, shredded paper and other conventional packaging materials.
  • Anti-Static
    Mic-Pac™ is anti-static thereby eliminating any static electricity problems present in most other materials.
Bubble Pak
  • No mould cost
  • In rolls, cut to size or envelope types.
  • Small or medium volumes accepted.
  • Short lead time.
Bubble Mailers
Lightest protective envelope for direct mail, CD DVD, books mail order items and product sample mailing.
External Dimension
in inches
in mm
6 3/8" x 9"
162 x 229 mm
250 pcs/box
7" x 10"
178 x 254 mm
200 pcs/box
9" x 12 3/4"
229 x 324 mm
100 pcs/box
10" x 12"
254 x 305 mm
100 pcs/box
10" x 15"
305 x 406 mm
100 pcs/box
12" x 16"
356 x 406 mm
50 pcs/box
14" x 18"
356 x 457 mm
50 pcs/box
Edgeboard Protector
Protect and support products during all material handling, prevents strapping damages, improve stacking strength.
Dunnage Bag
Minimize load shifting by bracing the loads, protect your product from the first point of packing to their destination.
PP Corrugated Boxes
Custom-made PP Corrugated Boxes which are reusable, water/chemical proof, lightweight.
Packing List Envelope
Securely carry documents (invoice, d/order packing list, technical list) when attached to cartons, postal tubes or envelopes.
Printed Message
in inches
in mm
7 1/2" x 5 1/2"
190 x 140 mm
10 1/2" x 7 1/2"
267 x 190 mm
Shipping Labels
Basic custom labels for use during the time of shipping your products. Available with printed message FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP, KEEP DRY, HANDLE WITH CARE.
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